Site Seeing

Being stationed at Shreevardhan, one can visit quite a few places like Dive Agar, Harihareshwar, Janjira Fort among others. Dive Agar is famous for “Suvarna Ganesh”, Harihareshwar for the temple of “Shiva” and is known as “Dakshin Kashi”. Janjira is known as the invincible fort and also known for the fresh water cisterns inside the sea!All these places are in the radius of 30 kms from Shreevardhan. Dive Agar is 17 kms and the road to Dive Agar itself is a destination!

It is quite like marine drive. The sea shore of Aravi en route to Dive Agar is a fascinating place. Harishareshwar is 18 kms and Janjira is 28 kms from Shreevardhan. Once can plan and visit these places in their two days stay at Shreevardhan.

Dive Agar                   : 17 kms
Harihareshwar          : 18 kms
Aaravi Sea Beach      : 07 kms
Janjira Fort                : 28 kms